Thurs 07 March 2013: I joined a member’s club, sat on a tiger and went to the Clerkenwell Collection launch

Yesterday I went to a place called The King’s Head Member’s Club. It’s meant to be a top secret but I’m only telling you guys so that’s ok if you promise not to tell anyone else.

This place is a bit like the zoo, they have lions and tigers and bears everywhere. This is me and a tiger…Cool, huh?


The club said I was allowed to be a member, which is pretty good so I ‘spect I’ll be getting a badge or something.

After that my friend Catalina Guirado was launching a new line at this fancy shop called The Clerkenwell Collection. I liked the suits they have there, this is me looking at some jackets – the nice PR lady said I could have a tie to wear as well because I am London’s youngest fashion blogger and because I wasn’t eating anything messy like jam.


If there are any girls reading this, Catalina’s scarves are very nice – this is me modelling one…


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