Weds 06 March 2013: The Actual Queen is coming to visit us in Shoreditch

Apparently The Queen is coming to Shoreditch next week to Great Eastern St which is where my  dad’s gallery The Great Eastern Bear is.

Now, I’ve met a few celebs now including Sophie Anderton and Linford Christie and Calum Best… but meeting The Actual Queen would be ace.

(Me and Sophie below)

I know all about the Royal Family cos there’s a story about them in my Christopher Robin book – you can read it too here: And the rest I know from OK Magazine.

If I met The Actual Queen I think I would ask her to put City Farms in all the Royal Parks and also ask if my dog Doodle can play in the Royal Parks without having her lead on. Maybe just on one day a week, like a saturday.

I think The Queen’s dogs are better behaved than Doodle though.



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