Weds 06 March 2013: Testing out my IM Bangle from #IzzyMelody

These bangles are jolly clever if a) you are still to get some more teeth (I’ve got all my front ones now, but they’re still getting used to being in my mouth) and b) your Mummy likes bracelets.

They come in three colours but I only really had the choice of two cos the other colour is pink and that’s for girls. Mum said it is a nice shade of pink tho. #whatevs

Right. So it arrived in the post in a super box which is fun to play with and also makes a nice house for the snail I found in the garden this morning. Well, a hotel maybe – Dad said he has his actual house on his back.

The bangle itself is really fun to chew and also quite fun to wear on your head like a halo. If my dog Doodle has puppies they could use it as a collar also. And I think it might make a good spare wheel for my pushchair.


Thank you very much Izzy Melody – I hope lots of other Mummies buy this:

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