Sunday 03 March 2013: Please Like my Uncle Rens on Facebook

My Uncle Rens came to see us for lunch. He lives in Brighton and is a chef and runs a catering company.He is very good at making all sorts of nice food, especially cakes. Here’s some cakes he made for my Naming Party, they are like Wild Things…

Uncle Rens has a new website, you can see it here: and check out all the yummy food they make for weddings and parties and in the cafe.

He also has a facebook page and you could like it here:

Uncle Rens said he’ll be very happy if more people like him on facebook than like my Auntie Anj on facebook. He said being married is all about winning. He also said he will take me to the pub when I am big and tell me more useful things for a boy to know.

This is me and Uncle Rens.


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