Weds 03 Sept 2014: Our mini holiday at Hotel Du Vin @HdV_Brighton

We like staying in Hotel Du Vin hotels cos they let our dogs stay there too and they have great big comfy beds; big enough for Gruffalos and everything.

Daddy decided we should have a one-night-holiday at the Hotel Du Vin in Brighton, which is right beeeeside the seaside.


I went on a train on the beach and sat in the driver’s seat and rang the bell. Daddy said I rang it a bit too much, but it was rather a ringy sort of bell…


And Doodle jumped onboard a boat and played at being the Ship’s Dog.


We had a lovely dinner at the hotel (I had smoked salmon and most of Mummy’s chips) and we had ever such a nice waiter too, he even heated up my brother Drum’s bottle for us.


In our room there one one of those fancy baths with posh bubbles – so I thought it would be rude not to try it out…You can basically swim in it.

Brighton1 Brighton2

Now, I’ll just add here that nobody in the world likes hotel beds as much as my dog Huckle. My Dad says he’s a bit of a gentleman connoisseur and he has been on hotel beds in lots of exciting places. He thought this one was super – and so did my other friends Twit Too Woo Owl, Bubble (my fox) and Boo Rabbit.

Brighton14 Brighton15

(Me and my brother packed most of our stuff in our magic Pacapod bag – which comes with a foldaway changing mat you could sit on if the beach is rocky like Brighton is and also a bit in the front you can put your damp beach stuff into…)


Sun 24 Aug 2014: The @Just4TinyPeople Owl who came to stay…

Twit Too Woo the Owl came to stay with my brother Drum and me.

When he arrived, he said he was hungry from all that time flying in the post to us. We didn’t quite know what he liked to eat, but I told Mummy he probably liked chocolate pudding and coffee…

But my Dad took us to the park cafe for breakfast and Owl liked that!


Then we took Owl to the seaside to a place called Broadstairs. We took him on the train – it’s a special fast train called the Javelin – and we had some apple juice together.


Twit Too Woo Owl had a little sleep with my brother…


When we got to the seaside we made some sandcastles…And I went in the sea with my Dad.

IMG_00003260 IMG_00003276 IMG_00003295

Owl said we should bury Daddy in the sand! He seems to be quite a cheeky owl, which is why we love him…


Twit Too Woo Owl’s friends live at

Mon 18 Aug 2014: Sailing at Brockwell Park for Uncle @matt_tinsley ‘s birthday

My Uncle Matt had his birthday in the park in South London. He had a slip and slide, with real boats…

IMG_00003186 IMG_00003188 IMG_00003189

You have to shout ‘Aye Aye Captain’ when you’re in a boat…

Happy Birthday Uncle Matt! (PS your new girlfriend is very nice)


Weds 13 Aug 2014: Parklife

Where I live is near a park called Finsbury Park. There are trains that go past the park and past my house and all the way to my Grandma’s house in Scotland. You can stand on the bridge on the way into the park and wave to them.

I wave to the trains every single day in case there’s someone on the train who knows my Grandma – and sometimes the driver waves back to me…


We walk the dogs in the park…they like it cos they have lots of doggy friends to play with and normally find tennis balls that have spilled out of the tennis courts…

IMG_00003073 IMG_00003075

There are also not one but TWO playgrounds for kids and a huge sandpit.

My favourite is the spinny round post in the playground, you can go really fast if someone like Daddy pushes you…

Mon 11 Aug 2014: We met a donkey and we jumped in muddy puddles

There was a flash flood here which doesn’t happen much in London. Which means lots of rain… Which means MUDDY PUDDLES!

We went for a walk in a place called Golders Hill Park…

As well as mud, there are also animals there, like deer and dinosaurs and a donkey (who likes his house as much as he likes eating grass…)

But the muddy puddles were the best. The muddier and puddlier the better!