Mon 20 July 2015: My brother likes skateboarding…


My brother is only little but he likes things that move…

Even if they are bigger than him…


And he’s not quite sure how they work…


My brother has also figured out how to ride his scooter without the seat on it, which means he’ll probably be faster than Dad on his scooter soon.

BTW if you like Drum’s pirate top it’s from Mothercare.

Mon 13 July 2015: At Beach East @beacheastqeop

We live near Stratford and on Saturday they turned a bit of the Olympic Park into a beach so kids like me can pretend we are on holidays.

There are some water jets and a paddling pool so if you have a water pistol you should definitely take it so you can fire shots at grown ups.

There is also a big sandpit so bring your bucket and spade and a funfair with a Lightning McQueen ride so bring your pocket money as well because it’s a pretty good ride (although goes ’round the corners quite fast and makes Daddy squeal a bit)

You can get there on the train but if you get there by driving like we did it is a bit of a walk, so you might also want to bring your scooter.

WP_20150711_010 WP_20150711_018 WP_20150711_024 WP_20150711_034 WP_20150711_040 WP_20150711_048

Thur 09 July 2015: The Secret River

Near our house in Forest Gate there is a secret river. You have to go through a magic wood to get there and if you didn’t know you wouldn’t know it was there.


You can throw stones and balls in the water if your dog likes to swim like our dog Doodle does…


Or you can throw yourself in the river when Daddy’s not looking… ;)

WP_20150709_009 WP_20150709_011 WP_20150709_015

Thurs 02 July 2015: How my brother learned to walk and fork… but he still can’t talk…

My brother Drum is littler than me and my Mum says we are very different. When I was small I did lots of talking, as anyone who has read my blog for a long time will know… But that is because I am interesting and I have a lot to say about most things.

I got the hang of walking when I was little but I didn’t so much see the point, not when I had a comfy buggy or Daddy’s shoulders to ride on.

But my brother loves it. In fact, he has his own special style of walking; with his hands up in the air to go faster…

WP_20150624_001 WP_20150624_006

My brother has also just learned how to use a fork. He sort of had to because his nursery put him up into Big Class so all the other kids can do it already…


But he still isn’t very good at talking. I think maybe it’s cos whatever he was going to say, I got in there and said it first…

Mon 22 June 2015: Happy Fathers Day to my Dad


My Dad is the best Dad there is because he always plays with me and builds things for me and reads me stories and lets me jump on him in bed.

I wanted to get my Dad a picnic basket so we could take it on the boat, like when Grampy Rabbit has boat picnics in Peppa Pig.


So Mummy found a shop on the internet and I chose it, then the postman delivered it and we had to hide it and keep it a (Shhh) SECRET.

I also made Daddy a card at school and Mummy hid that one so well that we neearly didn’t find it again!

For the picnic we had pasta and sausages and baguette and orange squash and grapes and apples – and my brother Drum had Scotch Eggs, which are his favourite.

WP_20150621_047 WP_20150621_051WP_20150621_024

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the other Dads out there, but my Dad will always be the best.

How we all fell in love with @Microscooters…

We have recently moved to a place called Forest Gate which has lots of streets that aren’t as busy as where we used to live. We do a lot of walking ’round Forest Gate; to the shop that sells ice lollies or the field to walk the dogs or the pub Daddy likes that also has a playground at the back.

But – now we don’t have to walk ANYWHERE anymore because we have SCOOTERS!!!


Our scooters are from Microscooters who are the makers of the bestest scooters in the whole world ever. Mine is orange to match my fox called Bubble and I am the only one at my school to have an orange scooter, so everyone is very jealous (and also I can find mine easily at home time).

WP_20150611_053 WP_20150611_056  WP_20150613_018

I wasn’t all that quick to start with but after a few races with my Dad I figured out how to scoot really really fast… Then I had to figure out how not to end up in the wall and how to stop – but luckilly I got a helmet and my Dad showed me how the brake works.

My brother Drum also got a scooter which is called a Mini2Go one and came with a pet monkey that Drum calls GooGah monkey but his real name is Mic. Anyone who knows my brother Drum will know that he loves cuddly animals, so the people at Microscooters are pretty clever to have worked that one out.


If you are planning to ask your Mummy or Daddy to get you a scooter, ask for a microscooters one because they go smoother and faster than other scooters do so you don’t have to stop when you go over bumps or pebbles.

And if anyone thinks they can beat my Dad on a scooter then can come and have a race…


PS Mummy said to mention the Scoot Safe Tips, because it’s good to know what to do about roads and stuff..


Mon 15 June 2015: My brother Drum’s first day of nursery #BoosBunnyHop

My brother Drum is very little, but he does like to try and do grown up things like eating with forks and taking off his trousers and singing along to the radio.

But today he got to do something very grown up as it was his first day at nursery.

Boo Rabbit went too so that Drum wouldn’t be scared (and also cos he wanted to see what was on the menu for lunch…)

WP_20150615_008 WP_20150615_009 WP_20150615_012

Drum was a bit worried on his way in…

WP_20150615_013 WP_20150615_014

But he had a really good time and played in the sand and with the cooker and he did a puzzle and Boo met a big fuzzy bear.

They are both going back tomorrow, so it must have been alright…

Wed 10 June 2015: My Top Five places in #ForestGate

We recently moved to our new home in Forest Gate so I’m an expert on the area now. Here are my best places:

1. Wanstead Flats: we call them The Fields and they are the biggest fields in the whole of ever. Dinosaurs live there, and rabbits, and picnic monsters who like to share your picnic. It’s mostly windy at The Field so you can fly your kite or I like to pretend that Doodle is like Radar on Fireman Sam finding people who are lost in the long grass and rescuing them…


2. Rod’s House: our friend Rod has frogs in his pond and a cat called Mrs Perkins. His house is made from leaves, which I think means it is stronger than bricks so the big bad wolf can’t blow it over.

rod's house

3. Coffee 7: this is a shop where grown ups drink coffee, run by a man called Dan. They also have cookies in big glass jars and make special sandwiches for us kids with jam and peanut butter.

4. Forest Tavern: my Dad likes to have beer in here and I like having apple juice with a straw. My brother Drum likes to have Scotch Eggs, which I think are laid by Scottish chickens.There’s also a nice garden at the back and they don’t mind too much if you climb on the flowerbeds.

5. Our garden: our garden has a trampoline, a sandpit, a hill that we call Toys Mountain and a shed that only my Dad is allowed in. And it is also where all our plants live and where we have our lawn and Daddy makes Doodle bark when he gets the lawnmower out…