Tues 19 May 2015: Taking good care of Pirate Captain @benhammersley boat

Pirate Captain Ben has left us in charge of his boat whilst he goes off to sail the high seas looking for more treasure.

My Dad has lots of plans to build things for the boat but he started off by making this box so I can sit on it when the boat is boating down the canal…

WP_20150517_003 WP_20150517_005 WP_20150517_006 WP_20150517_007 WP_20150517_008 WP_20150517_010  WP_20150517_021 WP_20150517_024 WP_20150517_030

There are lots of ropes on the boat, you have to hold them tightly so they don’t fall in the water. You can also shout ‘Aaargh’ like a Pirate when you pull them.

The boat makes a chuggy chuggy noise as it goes along and lots of people wave to you as you go past.

We saw a family of ducks – Mrs Duck and her nine ducklings – they followed us through the lock gate.

We took the boat from Victoria park to the River Lea to back again by Hackney Wick. If you pass through Hackney Wick on the overground you can see the boat just by the bridge. Maybe say hello if you do.

Boating is good fun but quite tiring when you’re little like my brother…


Fri 15 May 2015: My brother Drum is one

My brother Drum is a whole year old.

WP_20150513_015 WP_20150513_019

When he was born he was too little to go on the slide or the swings or play with toys…All he did was drink milk and sleep and cry if you took his Boo Rabbit.

But now he can wobble around and say ‘Dad’ and eat normal things and pull Doodle’s tail…

Drum1 Drum2 Drum3 Drum4

So we got him a Pirate ship for his birthday, so he can be a real Pirate like the rest of us…

Tues 12 May 2015: My playdate with Isabella at Full of Beans


This is my best friend Bella, she used to be in my class but now her Mummy and Daddy have bought a big house in the countryside so she isn’t anymore.


But my Dad said we can still play together at the weekends, so it’s OK.

Bella likes dresses and she likes Peppa Pig and she likes playing Tag (and she normally wins).

Dad took us to the park and a place called Full of Beans in Highbury, where the mums and dads can have coffee and we can play in the ball pond.

This is my brother pretending he is big enough to play with me and Bella.


Tue 05 May 2015: How I got a big parcel and kept my trousers up with some help from @Easybelts

Some people – like my friend Franklin – need belts because they are too skinny to keep their jeans or shorts up. I actually have the opposite problem which is that after I have had my tea and sneaked another pudding it’s tricky to get that pesky button at the top to do up. And some trousers, like my smart ones for best, don’t even have a button, they have a sort of hook which is double tricky when you really need a wee.

So I was chuffed to get sent some clever belts from a company called EasyBelts, who make belts for us kids that are super dooper easy to do up and undo again. In fact, they are SO easy that the first time my Mum didn’t even realise it had done up.

My EasyBelt has a picture of a racing car on it and they make them in my baby brother’s size as well, plus for big kids and girls. But if I were you I’d get this one, like mine…

WP_20150503_020 WP_20150503_021 WP_20150503_022

They are actually also lots of fun to do up and undo even when you don’t need to do your trousers up – and you can also strap them ’round other things apart from your own waist just for fun, like your bedroom door handle or your school bag or your bear.

As well as playing with my new belt, I also got a huge parcel in the post. You might remember from last week that I got a new bike for my birthday…


Well… then this big box arrived…

WP_20150503_001 WP_20150503_002 WP_20150503_010

Which was nearly as big as my entire Daddy!


But inside had an extra special hat for me to wear on my new bike! Which came in the post all the way from my Auntie Vanessa in Scotland – so almost as far as the moon!



So now I can safely ride my new bike on the street AND keep my trousers up!

Tue 28 April 2015: How we walked a dinosaur on Wanstead Flats and fixed the road

Our new house is right by a big field called Wanstead Flats. Dinosaurs live there, it’s pretty cool! We caught one in the field like my cousin catches Taffy the pony and we took him for a walk.


Afterwards we let him go back to his dinosauring as we only had chicken dippers for tea, not really enough for a dinosaur.

This is our garden, my dad put a big tent up for us to play in.


Our garden is mostly grass but there are also a couple of roads at the side where there seem to be some herbs and things like that poking through. Luckilly me and my brother Drum have some bulldozers and diggers for problems like that, so we can dig up the road and fix it, like Mr Bull does on Peppa.


Thurs 23 April 2015: All about my birthday

It was my birthday all day yesterday. From when I got up at half past five to when I went to bed.

I got a shiny blue bike of my very own, with a bell on it that has a picture of Lightening McQueen, for when you want to go a bit faster.

At school we had chocolate cake and my friends made me a card. My best friend Bella got me a box of slime and a wiggly worm.

After school we waited up for my dad to get home and had strawberry cake, which is my favourite sort of cake. I am three now, just so you know…

Some smart new things from @HalfPintChic

My brother and I got a box in the post from Half Pint Chic. It was the good sort of box with scrunchy tissue paper and neatness in it. Inside were some shirts and shorts for me and my brother Drum which were the smartest and nicest we’d ever seen and Mummy said we should only wear them for Best.

What Half Pint Chic do is very clever, they sell designer clothes for us kids at a cheap price because they are from last season or last year or last Sunday or something – either way us kids don’t really mind because they are super and because there’s playing to be done.

I couldn’t really wait for Best to come along so instead I wore my smart shirts and shorts for Important Business like planting my flower garden and looking for cheeky snails and plotting how to get Mummy to give you more than one ice cream.

WP_20150408_012 WP_20150410_009 WP_20150410_011  WP_20150410_030 WP_20150410_033 WP_20150410_041

Wed 15 April 2015: How my new bedroom got a forest in it with help from @vinylimpression

In our new house my bedroom was just a normal sort of bedroom, but it was my very own room so it was pretty cool just as it was.

But now it is even more awesome because overnight there is now a forest growing in it, which means I can go between the tall trees, climb the branches and look for bears – and my fox called Bubble can play with his friends too.


WP_20150412_001 WP_20150412_002

Obviously now I do have to leave the light on at night, just so that if there so happened to be an monsters or wolves passing through the forest they would see my room and know that I absolutely, definitely, one hundred per cent wasn’t scared of them.


Funny Cycling tees from Plain Lazy @plnlzy


My Dad loves cycling on his bike. He once cycled across India on it. Which is quite a long way. When my Dad did a Justgiving page for raising money for his cycle he put a picture on it with him and his bike and no clothes on. Probably because he didn’t have any special clothes for cycling in.

But it’s ok cos the nice people at Plain Lazy sent Daddy and my brother Drum some tshirts to wear. My Dad said his is the comfiest tee he has ever had. My brother doesn’t say much, but his looks like his is pretty soft too and they make their tees out of organic cotton as well, which is ever such a good thing.

Drum can’t wheelie yet, but there’s plenty he can do, like sing along to the radio and steal all my best toys and eat three pancakes in one sitting.


Mon 07 April 2015: Our new house in Forest Gate and the new trampoline

This weekend we moved into our new house in Forest Gate. Someone else is going to move into our old house, Mummy says we don’t really know them but I hope they are nice because we love our old house too.

Our new house is blue and in the middle of the street. My bedroom is at the back so you can see the garden and also hear the kitchen, which is important too.


Drum’s bedroom is alright, it has a fireplace in it. And Mummy and Daddy’s bedroom is ginormous and looks out over the street so you can see our car at night and also a big ginger cat.

We also have a living room and a playroom and a kitchen and a snug room – and also some big cupboards to hide in (we checked for monsters first…)


Then at the end of our street there is a big field called Wanstead Flats,which also has a playpark in it with a helicopter. Obviously they put the helicopter there just for me – well, no one else seems that bothered about playing on it so I shall say it is my helicopter. It’s definitely the best helicopter I have ever flown in…


(BTW if you like my new shorts they are from Lilly and Sid and they have brilliant pockets for collecting stones in…)

But actually if you can’t make it to the park it’s actually alright because my Dad built us our very own trampoline in our new garden. It did take him a while because it is so huge but it was definitely worth it because it’s an awesome trampoline and as you can see I can bounce twice or maybe three times higher than my Dad.

WP_20150405_026 WP_20150405_035 WP_20150405_037

Mum says I have to share the trampoline with Drum, but I don’t think I really shall have to until he’s a bit more big and strong…