Sat 20 Dec 2014: My Xmas show at school

At my school we did a Xmas show: we all wore red and made crowns and we sang ‘WishooMerryCrispmass’ and ‘Jinkle Bells’…

I didn’t like it at first but Daddy, Drum and Mummy came to watch me and I got to wave to them in the audience. Also, Tina, my teacher, let me sit on her lap.

(If you look in the picture below my best friends Freddie and Isabella are the ones next to me… Bella has a silver crown on and Freddie has a Xmas jumper and shoes like mine from Converse)

Brighton1 photo xmas1 xmas2

My brother really loves Xmas songs and wasn’t shy at all about singing and dancing. Like, he even danced at the disco at the end. Even to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’! Oh, he has so much to learn…

Tues 16 Dec 2014: Hoping Santa will bring me a new bedroom for Xmas @WHAT_hoete

We have been waiting for years for the planning to be approved for my new bedroom. A man called Anthony is doing the talking to legal people bit for us, he works for a company called What Architecture but it is taking forever and Mum says it might not happen now because they seem to have forgotten about us.

I really hope I get my new bedroom before Xmas, I have been dreaming about it for a long time. I am going to have the walls painted red like a fire engine and me and my pet fox called Bubble will be able to see out of our own window into the garden.

I’m only little but I have big dreams of having my own space.



Mon 15 Dec 2014: It’s beginning to look a LOT like Xmas…

WP_20141212_07_54_08_Pro[1]WP_20141213_15_10_02_Pro[1] WP_20141213_17_02_46_Pro[1]

This is our Xmas tree, decorated by me. It has stars and lights and a fairy on the top. We got it from Christmas Forest cos they plant a tree in Africa for every one they sell..

And the gingerbread house I made (and mostly ate).


These are the cards I made for all my school friends – and special people I know…

And this is my Santa sleigh, complete with reindeer… (as you can see, my fox called Bubble is being a Xmas fox as well)


And lastly, these are my dogs.

photo 3(3)[2]

So it’s getting quite Christmassy ’round our house. #9MoreSleeps

Mon 08 Dec 2014: Xmas cheer in my @Bodenclothing anorak #Bodendiaries

Lots of lady fashion bloggers are writing about what they do in their Boden stuff, so I thought I’d share what I do in my favourite Winter anorak.

Yesterday I thought I’d entertain some of the customers in my Dad’s art gallery with a bit of a Xmas song. My Mum said maybe I should pick an easier song, but when I’m not quite sure of all the words I just make up for it with extra Xmas enthusiasm…

PS If anyone wants to know why this jacket is my best jacket it is cos it is all the colours of the rainbow and also it has a little pocket on the sleeve you can store chocolate money in…

Tue 25 Nov 2014: My list for Father Christmas

For anyone who is interested, this is my list to ask Father Christmas for:

  1. A green dragon. Or another sort of dragon. Any sort really as long as it can fly.
  2. A Pirate Flag.
  3. A pineapple.

And this is my fox called Bubble’s list:

  1. A Seafaring Boat.

I have told Bubble that we have to be very good and clean our teeth and eat our vegetables and put our toys away and stuff between now and Christmas if we want Father Christmas to bring us what we want, but Bubble said it will be worth it and anyway he will share his boat with me when he gets it.


My brother Drum is too little to ask Father Christmas for anything, but I ‘spect he’ll get something anyway. And then he’ll most likely chew it.

Tues 25 Nov 2014: The toilets at @TasteofLondon

We went to a food festival called Taste of London on Friday at a place called Tobacco Dock, which is where pirates live.

There was lots of nice food to see (and try) including Gu puddings and lots and lots of chocolate. And sausages, me and Daddy like sausages a lot.


It was lovely and Xmassy, with trees and lights – and a very comfy sofa, even comfier than our sofa at home…

But, it was also ever so smoky and dark in there, and it made my brother Drum cough quite a bit.

Now I am big, I am pretty good about saying when I need the toilet. But some toilets in some places are a bit scary when you are two and a half, even if you are feeling brave and you have Brave Daddy with you… And this place was one of them. So I asked Daddy if we could go outside and find somewhere else to go to the toilet.

Daddy went up to the front door and asked the lady if we could pop out to find another toilet. The lady said ‘no’ in a really cross and even more scary way and I was so upset I had a wee in my trousers.

(Luckilly Mummy had the magic Pacapod bag with us so I had some dry pants and jeans…)

My Dad said that was no way to treat people, but it was OK cos he knew a pub nearby where all the pirates hang out, so we could go there and look at some boats. Which is what we did.