Tue 25 Aug 2015: How we went to the seaside at Walton on the Naze

We went to visit my new best friend Franklin who lives at the seaside. Franklin is my new best friend because he has a helicopter in his bedroom and also a Mater truck (and I have a McQueen racing car!)


The seaside is at a place called Walton on the Naze. They also had a pirate carnival with real pirates and some firemen who were good too – plus also some girls doing a funny dance with sticks called majorettes. I think I would like to have one of their sticks to play with, but maybe not in the silly dresses they wear.

We played at being buried in the sand and at soaking my dad. And at catching crabs in buckets using sausages and nets and also we went on the lifeboat, which was pretty awesome.

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Sun 09 Aug 2015: The Waterpark in Victoria Park and Andy’s birthday picnic


Mummy and Daddy’s friend Andy has a picnic for his birthday every year. It is good fun for us kids as there is dressing up and sparkly drinks and glitter and Andy’s boyfriend Thom is really good at making something called vole-vents (which aren’t made out of voles, they are nice, my brother ate about twelve)

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I played tennis and had a cuddle with a girl called Imogen…


My brother just got dressed up and got a cuddle off Mummy…

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Then today (Sunday) my Dad took us to the Waterpark at Victoria Park cos it was super hot.

We got there so early they hadn’t even put the water on yet, so Daddy took Drum on a wobbly bridge and I played in the sand.

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If you like water jets that keep stopping and starting and all the kids scream when they do, you will like the Waterpark at Victoria park.

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Make #microcooter Commuting a Doddle with @Scooterslingz


I love scooting on my microscooter and it makes things like going to my school or to Grandma’s much easier – except for when you have to take it on a busy train, when there is nowhere to put it, people keep tripping over and you keep having to say ‘Scuse me’ all the time.

Once me and Mummy were on a packed train and my scooter rolled over a lady’s tomatoes that she had in her shopping bag! The lady wasn’t happy (and Mummy wasn’t very pleased either…)

But, it’s OK because I actually didn’t have to leave my beloved scooter at home after that tomato mishap – the nice people at Scooterslingz got in touch and sent us a clever bag. What happens is that when you are waiting for the train your Mum or Dad can just quick release the red button on the bottom of your scooter, which makes it go back into two parts, then put the bits in the Scooterslingz bag and do it up. Once it is in the bag it only takes up a teeny weeny bit of room so not even the grumpiest person can complain about that.


Tues 28 July 2015: Our holibobs in Suffolk

We went to Dunwich for the weekend on a camping trip. My Dad once cycled to Dunwich. He also cycled to India and met and elephant. He didn’t meet any in Dunwich tho.


The main thing we met in Dunwich was a lot of rain. But it was OK because we also met the RNLI and I got some shiny yellow RNLI wellies and also got to drive the lifeboat and read the compass and talk to the coastguard.

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The other thing we met was a couple of crabs, which we caught with mini sausages and bacon as bait. We let them back afterwards because we didn’t want them to be late for their tea and we didn’t want to be late for ours.

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BTW If you like Drum’s top, my Dad bought it for him in Fat Face on holiday, cos I got my new wellies so it was only fair.


Mon 20 July 2015: My brother likes skateboarding…


My brother is only little but he likes things that move…

Even if they are bigger than him…


And he’s not quite sure how they work…


My brother has also figured out how to ride his scooter without the seat on it, which means he’ll probably be faster than Dad on his scooter soon.

BTW if you like Drum’s pirate top it’s from Mothercare.

Mon 13 July 2015: At Beach East @beacheastqeop

We live near Stratford and on Saturday they turned a bit of the Olympic Park into a beach so kids like me can pretend we are on holidays.

There are some water jets and a paddling pool so if you have a water pistol you should definitely take it so you can fire shots at grown ups.

There is also a big sandpit so bring your bucket and spade and a funfair with a Lightning McQueen ride so bring your pocket money as well because it’s a pretty good ride (although goes ’round the corners quite fast and makes Daddy squeal a bit)

You can get there on the train but if you get there by driving like we did it is a bit of a walk, so you might also want to bring your scooter.

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Thur 09 July 2015: The Secret River

Near our house in Forest Gate there is a secret river. You have to go through a magic wood to get there and if you didn’t know you wouldn’t know it was there.


You can throw stones and balls in the water if your dog likes to swim like our dog Doodle does…


Or you can throw yourself in the river when Daddy’s not looking… ;)

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Thurs 02 July 2015: How my brother learned to walk and fork… but he still can’t talk…

My brother Drum is littler than me and my Mum says we are very different. When I was small I did lots of talking, as anyone who has read my blog for a long time will know… But that is because I am interesting and I have a lot to say about most things.

I got the hang of walking when I was little but I didn’t so much see the point, not when I had a comfy buggy or Daddy’s shoulders to ride on.

But my brother loves it. In fact, he has his own special style of walking; with his hands up in the air to go faster…

WP_20150624_001 WP_20150624_006

My brother has also just learned how to use a fork. He sort of had to because his nursery put him up into Big Class so all the other kids can do it already…


But he still isn’t very good at talking. I think maybe it’s cos whatever he was going to say, I got in there and said it first…

Mon 22 June 2015: Happy Fathers Day to my Dad


My Dad is the best Dad there is because he always plays with me and builds things for me and reads me stories and lets me jump on him in bed.

I wanted to get my Dad a picnic basket so we could take it on the boat, like when Grampy Rabbit has boat picnics in Peppa Pig.


So Mummy found a shop on the internet and I chose it, then the postman delivered it and we had to hide it and keep it a (Shhh) SECRET.

I also made Daddy a card at school and Mummy hid that one so well that we neearly didn’t find it again!

For the picnic we had pasta and sausages and baguette and orange squash and grapes and apples – and my brother Drum had Scotch Eggs, which are his favourite.

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Happy Fathers’ Day to all the other Dads out there, but my Dad will always be the best.