Tue 25 Nov 2014: My list for Father Christmas

For anyone who is interested, this is my list to ask Father Christmas for:

  1. A green dragon. Or another sort of dragon. Any sort really as long as it can fly.
  2. A Pirate Flag.
  3. A pineapple.

And this is my fox called Bubble’s list:

  1. A Seafaring Boat.

I have told Bubble that we have to be very good and clean our teeth and eat our vegetables and put our toys away and stuff between now and Christmas if we want Father Christmas to bring us what we want, but Bubble said it will be worth it and anyway he will share his boat with me when he gets it.


My brother Drum is too little to ask Father Christmas for anything, but I ‘spect he’ll get something anyway. And then he’ll most likely chew it.

Tues 25 Nov 2014: The toilets at @TasteofLondon

We went to a food festival called Taste of London on Friday at a place called Tobacco Dock, which is where pirates live.

There was lots of nice food to see (and try) including Gu puddings and lots and lots of chocolate. And sausages, me and Daddy like sausages a lot.


It was lovely and Xmassy, with trees and lights – and a very comfy sofa, even comfier than our sofa at home…

But, it was also ever so smoky and dark in there, and it made my brother Drum cough quite a bit.

Now I am big, I am pretty good about saying when I need the toilet. But some toilets in some places are a bit scary when you are two and a half, even if you are feeling brave and you have Brave Daddy with you… And this place was one of them. So I asked Daddy if we could go outside and find somewhere else to go to the toilet.

Daddy went up to the front door and asked the lady if we could pop out to find another toilet. The lady said ‘no’ in a really cross and even more scary way and I was so upset I had a wee in my trousers.

(Luckilly Mummy had the magic Pacapod bag with us so I had some dry pants and jeans…)

My Dad said that was no way to treat people, but it was OK cos he knew a pub nearby where all the pirates hang out, so we could go there and look at some boats. Which is what we did.


Weds 19 Nov 2014: My Dad’s Birthday

It was my Dad’s birthday at the weekend and he had a party for his friends in the pub. They didn’t have ice cream or play pass the parcel or wear party hats, so I’m not sure how they had fun, but I think they did.


My Dad also took us to Hampstead Heath to climb trees for his birthday. It was rainy wet though and the trees were very slippy.


Next year I’ll be in charge of my Dad’s birthday I think. And there will be balloons. Lots of balloons.

Mon 10 Nov 2014: The biggest train set in the whole world


Auntie Monica came to see us with a great big bag. Inside was the biggest trainset in the whole world. It goes all the way ’round our living room and all the way to Auntie Monica’s house. There are some bridges too so that the train can ride up in the clouds.

My brother Drum likes to pretend he is a big dinosaur eating the train track. But I am the engineer, so I can fix it all back together again.

Then I pretend to be an EVEN BIGGER DINOSAUR and eat my brother up… Grrrr!



Mon 27 Oct 2014: we sailed through #London with Pirate Captain @benhammersley


Our friend Ben has a big boat called Rockers. it kind of wibble wobbles more than it rocks, so I was a bit wary of it at first.

London has a big river called the Thames but also some little rivers called canals, which is where Ben’s boat lives.

When you sail down a canal your boat goes into little cupboards which Daddy (or someone) fills up with water and it looks a bit like when they have a jelly flood on Ben and Holly

Ben is the Pirate Captain, so he says where to sail the boat to and also knows where the treasure is hidden at all times. Ben’s friend Peter is the deputy Pirate Captain I think and they might let Mummy join the boat crew if she stops pointing out that there isn’t a toilet.

boat2 boat3 boat4   boat9 WP_20141025_16_55_31_Pro[1]WP_20141025_15_35_54_Pro[1]WP_20141025_16_55_39_Pro[1]

At one point we went thru a very long dark tunnel. My Dad said I was very brave but actually I had my eyes closed for quite a bit of it…


Lots of people stop and take your picture when you are on a boat in London, so we are probably on quite a few people’s Instagram feeds by now…

Dad says he has boat envy so we have to get one. Mummy still says there isn’t a bathroom.

Mon 20 Oct 2014: My brother and his little teeth

My brother Drum has some little teeth now, Two of them, like a rabbit.


So he can eat things like celery and rusks and bananas now.


He’s also liking Ella’s pouches, which I had as well when I was little. They still taste just as good as I remember from two years ago and my mum says it is still just as hard to wash the stains out of things… And Drum does quite often have Ella’s stuff stuck to his eyebrows…


Drum has been trying some new bottles as well. They are called Latch and are made by Munchkin, with a clever little valve at the bottom to stop air bubbles getting in which looks a bit like a blue diamond like a mermaid might have on her necklace.


My brother still doesn’t have much hair tho, just like Daddy…And has a bit more growing to do til he’s as big as me…