Fri 13 Nov 2015: Our week with the amazing @Quinny_UK Longboard Stroller

You might have seen my Dad and brother racing ’round the Olympic Park on the super cool Quinny Longboard stroller, but it was also jolly good fun for me too.

First of all I had a race with Daddy and Drum – me on my microscooter and them on the Longboard…Can you guess who won?


Yep – Daddy…

So, we decided to do some racing like this…


Then a little friend came to check out how cool the Longboard Stroller was…


Dad said it must be Friday the 13th as we had to give it back today, but thank you Quinny for letting us play with it. We had an amazing week and really hope Santa brings one for keeps.

Thur 05 Nov 2015: How we ran away from the monsters in The Human Race Trick or Treat Race

As us kids know you gotta be careful about monsters. They can be all around and if you’re not careful (like, say, you forget to leave the landing light on) then they might sneak up on you.

My Dad says the monsters won’t scare you if you shout BOO at them, as loud as you can. BOO!

Last Sunday we had a race against the monsters, in Richmond park. The winner got to have all the treasure (which was sweets and popcorn and medals). It was actually jolly good fun and we shouted BOO! at zombies and witches and even a scary looking pumpkin man. The chasing monster race also raises money to help people as well, which Mum says is ‘portant.

WP_20151101_010 WP_20151101_017WP_20151101_023

Monsters don’t get you if you chase them and most of all monsters don’t get you if you have a Daddy to shoo them away…


Tue 03 Nov 2015: Daddy, Drum and the awesome Quinny Longboard Stroller at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The super people at Quinny let us test out their amazing Longboard Stroller.

Daddy and my brother Drum took it for a spin ’round the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford.

It was the most fun a Dad can have. Ever.

BTW Quinny it’s my Dad’s birthday in two weeks’ time…Just sayin… ;)

Tue 13 Oct 2014: We met a donkey and an alpaca at Willows Farm

Wild&Drummond1015 1 Wild&Drummond1015 7 Wild&Drummond1015 21 Wild&Drummond1015 59 Wild&Drummond1015 60

We had a day out at Willows Farm in Hertfordshire. There are around 100 animals there and even more things in the playground. Our best were the tractors and diggers you can climb on – and I liked the rides but Drum is a bit little to go on them, so I went on them for him.

We saw Highland cows and alpaca and a grumpy donkey – and some reindeer just chilling til Santa needs them at Xmas.

Wild&Drummond1015 61 WP_20151011_018 WP_20151011_023 WP_20151011_055

Thurs 08 Oct 2015: How we had a cheese sandwich with Gandalf and met a big metal lady

My Special Grandpa lives at Stratford East theatre. Some other cool people live there too, including a new big lady statue who was hiding under a rug for ages (like when I play hide and seek under the duvet).


She is called Joan Little-wood – but she is big and made of metal.

After the metal lady came out of hiding Stratford East had a tea party, with cake (pretty good, it had sprinkles on), cheese sandwiches (the best!) and two types of squash (I had blackcurrant).


If you look in the back of this picture, the lady in the orange coat is Pam St Clement from EastEnders.


And my brother Drum met Sir Ian McKellan who is also Gandalf and in X Men.

Mon 21 Sept 2015: My baby cousin Rohan’s first birthday

My baby cousin lives with my Uncle Rens and Auntie Anj in a place a long way away called Alfriston which is near a place called Polegate. My cousin had a party cos he was one year old.

It’s very nice but you have to get a lot of trains to get there. We got the train from Forest Gate, the train from Liverpool st, the train from Oxford Circus and a long train from Victoria.

At Victoria station we went to Ed’s diner and I had a pink milkshake…

WP_20150920_10_14_26_Pro WP_20150920_10_19_37_Pro

When we were on the train a really grumpy lady told me and Drum off for being noisy, so we had to play cards with Grandma and Auntie Monica instead…


Uncle Rens has a big house and it was a ginormous party. Me and Drum had some cupcakes and played football in the garden, which is also ginormous. Drum kept kicking the ball in the hedge tho, which was a bit annoying.

WP_20150920_13_02_17_Pro WP_20150920_13_03_49_Pro

As you can see my cousin Rohan looks quite happy about his party…

I found an apple tree to climb up as well!

WP_20150920_15_11_28_Pro WP_20150920_13_23_53_Pro WP_20150920_13_25_29_Pro

There were lots of grown ups at the party so we had to wait ages and ages til it was time to do the birthday song and have the cake, but we got some to take home as well and I went to sleep on the train back.


BTW if you like mine and Drum’s tshirts they are from Baby K.

Wed 16 Sept 2015: My trip to the Capri Sun #Packedwithlove Party at Maggie and Rose

On Sunday Daddy and I were invited to a party held by Capri Sun at swanky kids’ club Maggie and Rose in Kensington.

It was jolly good fun, they showed us how to make super cool things to go in our lunchboxes with Grace Hall from Eats Amazing. If you want to know how to do this dinosaur lunch go here.

There was also a lovely party bag afterwards, I made a video to tell you all about it…

Thurs 10 Sept 2015: How we gave all our stuff to Calaid, then bought some more at the Jumble Trail

Last Sunday my Dad said we needed to go on a mission to rescue some people. I didn’t really feel like going out and rescuing people – I just wanted to watch Paw Patrol on tv – but my Dad said all these people don’t have any homes or toys or tv or sometimes even no Mums or Dads, so we loaded up all our old tents and sleeping bags and camping gear into the back of our car to take it to some superheroes who were going to bring it all to Calais.


But on the same day, on my street, there was a thing called the Jumble Trail (or the Jungle trail, I called it) where people set up stalls outside their houses and sell things they don’t want. My Mum said I could have 50p pocket money and my Dad has £10 pocket money. I bought Scoop the digger and Mater the truck, plus lots of story books which were 5p each and a fire engine for another 10p. Pretty good?

My Dad bought all sorts of things. We got a buggy board, a bike seat, a chalkboard, some old tennis rackets… and lots of old records. So much in fact that my Dad had to make three trips to pick it all up.

We did get to meet all our neighbours and made lots of new friends – and they are doing the Jumble Trail again next year so my Mum says we can sell it all back again…


Fri 04 Sept 2015: Our trip to the Steam Fair (and I got stung by a wasp)

Last weekend when it was a bank holiday we didn’t go on holiday at all, so I was a bit bored by Sunday. My Dad took us to a thing called a Steam Fair, which was in the countryside and had rides, horses, ferrets and stalls you could buy things from.


I went on a round and round ride like they have at the seaside; I wanted to go on the motorbike but it was ever so big so half way through the man came and moved me onto a smaller car. I was still a bit scared though.

Me and Daddy also went on a little stream train, it went backwards and forwards up the track and our dog Doodle chased us and barked a lot!


Then my Dad suggested we have a look at an old fire truck, which was cool except for I got stung by a mean and nasty wasp!


It just buzzed right by and stung me on the ear! I had to go to the ambulance tent and they put a magic ice pack on it.

After that my Dad got me an ice cream to make it all better. My brother got one too, even though he didn’t get stung and wasn’t brave at all.


After that we watched the heavy horse show, there were lots of horses as big as dinosaurs…


My Dad let us get something from the stalls each with our pocket money. I got a crane (which cost more than my pocket money) so Daddy bought it for me and I bought a toy ice cream van for my brother Drum.

My mum says there’s a joke about getting stung by a wasp that goes: ’20quid for a jar of honey?!’ (but I don’t get it…)