Mon 18 Aug 2014: Sailing at Brockwell Park for Uncle @matt_tinsley ‘s birthday

My Uncle Matt had his birthday in the park in South London. He had a slip and slide, with real boats…

IMG_00003186 IMG_00003188 IMG_00003189

You have to shout ‘Aye Aye Captain’ when you’re in a boat…

Happy Birthday Uncle Matt! (PS your new girlfriend is very nice)


Weds 13 Aug 2014: Parklife

Where I live is near a park called Finsbury Park. There are trains that go past the park and past my house and all the way to my Grandma’s house in Scotland. You can stand on the bridge on the way into the park and wave to them.

I wave to the trains every single day in case there’s someone on the train who knows my Grandma – and sometimes the driver waves back to me…


We walk the dogs in the park…they like it cos they have lots of doggy friends to play with and normally find tennis balls that have spilled out of the tennis courts…

IMG_00003073 IMG_00003075

There are also not one but TWO playgrounds for kids and a huge sandpit.

My favourite is the spinny round post in the playground, you can go really fast if someone like Daddy pushes you…

Mon 11 Aug 2014: We met a donkey and we jumped in muddy puddles

There was a flash flood here which doesn’t happen much in London. Which means lots of rain… Which means MUDDY PUDDLES!

We went for a walk in a place called Golders Hill Park…

As well as mud, there are also animals there, like deer and dinosaurs and a donkey (who likes his house as much as he likes eating grass…)

But the muddy puddles were the best. The muddier and puddlier the better!

Mon 11 Aug 2014: Andy’s Birthday Picnic

Mummy and Daddy’s friend Andy had a big picnic for his birthday, with dressing up and glitter and drinks with bubbles in them. Andy works for BBC London and likes glitter a lot.


They also had cupcakes you could put your own icing and sprinkles on. I had five!


Daddy played rugby with me…


And we did some dancing…

andy bdayphoto

And then me and my brother Drum had a little Disco Doze in the sunshine…