Tues 24 Feb 2015: My brother Drum has 6 teeth now!

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My brother has got six teeth. Three at the top and three at the bottom. He’s just getting used to them, so sometimes puts things in his mouth he’s not meant to, like Doodle’s tail or Daddy’s shoe.

He likes cleaning his little teeth – and he likes chewing his Boo Rabbit.

But mostly he likes using them for eating stuff; Drum’s favourite things are broccoli, bananas and Dad’s macaroni.


Oh yeah – and he also likes smiling with his six new teeth…


Thurs 12 Feb 2015: God’s Own Junkyard


If you’re a kid and you like sparkly lights, get your Mum or Dad to take you to God’s Own Junkyard – it’s like the whole of Xmas in one big room! They have lots of lit up words and shapes, my fave is a huge one that says ‘lollipops’.

They also make cakes, so it’s double wow really…

Mon 02 Feb 2015: At the #PeppasGoldenBoots Premiere


Me and Daddy were invited to Peppa’s party in Leicester Square. I packed my fox called Bubble in my Pacapod bag in case I didn’t know anyone else there.

Daddy said it would be good if they had some bacon sandwiches or a hog roast, but they had lots of ice cream and cakes instead…

FullSizeRender peppa1  peppa4 peppa11

You could play lots of games in Peppa’s house and we got medals for jumping in muddy puddles.

peppa12 peppa13

There were some celebrities like Gareth Gates and Jen from Milkshake and Harley Bird who is the voice of Peppa Pig.

We watched the Peppa film on the big TV and they gave us a big bag of presents afterwards, including  bubbles and facepaints – and some wet wipes for cleaning ourselves up afterwards…


I like Peppa very much and was glad I got to go to her party…


Thurs 29 Jan: Selling our flat

We are trying to get a new house, which means we have to sell our flat. I’m not quite sure exactly where you get a new house from but I know that you don’t get one from the supermarket and you don’t get it from Santa. Either way, I’m not allowed to get my sticky hands anywhere near the newly painted walls in our flat…


We also have lots of boxes for doing something called ‘declutter’, which means putting your toys away for a bit. Me and my brother Drum think that the boxes are better used as sailing boats – this us us having our own regatta in the living room…

Mon 19 Jan 2015: Swimming at the Olympic Pool

Quite a lot of Sundays my Dad takes us swimming and we have started going to the pool at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park which is where the games happened the year I was born.

The pool is massive and really clean, plus there are lots of toys and floats for us kids to play with – all for free. And the showers are amaaayzing, I have to be bribed to come out.

Mum says not all the hairdryers work but that’s ok really cos Dad and my brother Drum don’t have much hair anyways…

It’s pretty hard work swimming, me and my brother had to have a power nap in the back of the car afterwards…



Fri 16 Jan 2014: My school trip to the fire station

Today we got to go on a trip to the Fire Station. They let Daddy come as well, so he didn’t miss out on the fun and have a tantrum or anything.

fire photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

We got to have a go on the hose and sit in the fire engine to drive it and my Dad got to put one of the hats on.

But then there was a real live fire and the firemen all had to leave to go to the rescue and put the fire out! It was very exciting…

Fri 09 Jan 2015: My Twelve Days of Xmas

Belated Happy New Year and thanks everyone for following my blog and tweets. You’re all super awesome. Almost as awesome as Xmas itself.

I hope you were all good and Santa came down the chimney to see you (or even better, you heard reindeer dancing on the roof in the night like I did!)

This was what I got up to over the holidays:

Twelve muddy Xmas dog paws (Doodle, Huckle and Grandma & Grandpa’s dog Tess) and three waggy tails…

photo 3(3)[2]

Eleven hundred thousand miles (well, 379.5 anyway!) in the car to see my family in Scotland (but we stopped off on a nice beach)


Ten of my family ’round Grandma’s table for Xmas lunch


Nine turns on my cousin Rory’s remote control Porsche


Eight pence worth of treasure, stuffed tightly in my pockets…


Seven dwarves and Snow White, played by my pet foxes (some of them played two roles each)


Six bits of hot buttered toast, meant for sharing…


Five sleeps from the last day of school til Xmas morning (and a few worn out naps on the sofa)


Four play fights with my brother Drum (including a pillow fight on a comfy bed at Hotel du Vin in Newcastle)



Three cheers for my dog Huckle, who was two on the 2nd January

Two Lightening McQueens! (thank you Uncle Rens!) Kerrr-chowww!


And one ride on my cousin’s pony Taffy (who might be the nicest pony in the world)


Can’t wait for the next Xmas to come ’round (but I’d better give my dad a little bit of a rest first..)


Frohe Festtage Auntie Dee @dendoesdalston

Me and my brother Drum love Auntie Dee very much.

She is lots of fun to play with and brings us presents and pretty shoes (although Mummy says we shouldn’t ask for things) and also she has a drawing on her belly in tattoo pen :)

Auntie Dee is German so they have Christmas tomorrow. If anyone else wants to say Happy Xmas to my Auntie Dee they can all wave now and clap their hands.

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PS We love the Duplo and the dragon and the ‘jamas fit me perfectly xxx