Mon 27 Oct 2014: we sailed through #London with Pirate Captain @benhammersley


Our friend Ben has a big boat called Rockers. it kind of wibble wobbles more than it rocks, so I was a bit wary of it at first.

London has a big river called the Thames but also some little rivers called canals, which is where Ben’s boat lives.

When you sail down a canal your boat goes into little cupboards which Daddy (or someone) fills up with water and it looks a bit like when they have a jelly flood on Ben and Holly

Ben is the Pirate Captain, so he says where to sail the boat to and also knows where the treasure is hidden at all times. Ben’s friend Peter is the deputy Pirate Captain I think and they might let Mummy join the boat crew if she stops pointing out that there isn’t a toilet.

boat2 boat3 boat4   boat9 WP_20141025_16_55_31_Pro[1]WP_20141025_15_35_54_Pro[1]WP_20141025_16_55_39_Pro[1]

At one point we went thru a very long dark tunnel. My Dad said I was very brave but actually I had my eyes closed for quite a bit of it…


Lots of people stop and take your picture when you are on a boat in London, so we are probably on quite a few people’s Instagram feeds by now…

Dad says he has boat envy so we have to get one. Mummy still says there isn’t a bathroom.

Mon 20 Oct 2014: My brother and his little teeth

My brother Drum has some little teeth now, Two of them, like a rabbit.


So he can eat things like celery and rusks and bananas now.


He’s also liking Ella’s pouches, which I had as well when I was little. They still taste just as good as I remember from two years ago and my mum says it is still just as hard to wash the stains out of things… And Drum does quite often have Ella’s stuff stuck to his eyebrows…


Drum has been trying some new bottles as well. They are called Latch and are made by Munchkin, with a clever little valve at the bottom to stop air bubbles getting in which looks a bit like a blue diamond like a mermaid might have on her necklace.


My brother still doesn’t have much hair tho, just like Daddy…And has a bit more growing to do til he’s as big as me…



Mon 13 Oct 2014: Maybe the last ice cream of the Summer… @RubDiner

photo 4 photo 5

My Dad took us for tea at the Rub Slow Food Diner near where we live in Finsbury Park. They sell yummy food like burgers, pulled pork and ice cream sundaes but I don’t know why it’s called slow food cos ours came quite quickly and our waitress was super nice and got me a straw and a seat by the window…

photo 13

I can’t remember what my Dad had to eat but me and Boo Rabbit had strawberry ice cream. Which might be the last ice cream of the Summer, seeing as the Summer has all gone away now and my Mum says the polar bears don’t make ice cream in the Winter.

WP_20141002_18_10_02_Pro[1] WP_20141002_18_10_16_Pro[1]

photo 10


Tues 07 Oct 2014: Our Crayola Magic Doodle Marker Mat

The nice people at Norton and Co sent us some toys to review. We thought we’d check out the Magic Doodle Mat from Crayola first cos it’s called Doodle, same as our dog…

It’s a cool mat you can unroll and draw all over, plus there’s a big pocket to put all your pens/secret stuff in and some straps that hold it all together so it looks all professional (or, as Mummy says, you can store it under your bed)

The pens are good colours: green for dinosaurs, yellow for sunshine, kind of orangey red for tomatoes or fire engines, and a purple one which my fox Bubble likes the best.


So you might be thinking here, why not just scribble on the floor. Or the walls, or the bits you can reach of Daddy’s car? (Or any of those colouring books you got for Xmas which aren’t anywhere near as excting)

Well, this mat is different as once you’ve drawn on it you can rub things out really easily with the eraser thingy that it comes with, or just wipe it all and start again.

It’s also quite soft to play on, so if you have a trainset like me you could draw a train track for it to ride on, or pretend you are a giant and draw some houses and cars to crush.


You can read what Crayola have to say about it here:

Mon 22 Sept 2014: Our Dorset Holiday


We went on holiday for a week to a place called Dorset and stayed in a house called Hound Cottage, which was double amazing cos I had my own room and also cos the garden looked like Grandpa Pig’s garden in Peppa. It even had an apple tree, although my mum said they are called Crab Apples, which is obviously what crabs eat.

photo 8

My brother and the dogs came on holiday as well…they let dogs stay at Hound Cottage!

IMG_00003586_edit1photo 5

Dorset is near the seaside; we went to Weymouth and made sandcastles then saw some donkeys – and we went swimming in an outdoor pool at a hotel in Lulworth Cove, which was about the best thing ever (well, not as good as ice cream, but…)


We also went on a ‘nadventure’ where we saw some ponies and maybe a dragon but we weren’t sure…

photo 4 photo 7

It’s tiring work being on holiday! This is me and Boo Rabbit having a nap…


Then Drum took his rabbit back…


PS My Dad got Hound Cottage thru English Country Cottages, who are ace.